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The ORIGINS Project is the largest study of its kind in Australia, following 10,000 children, from their time in the womb, over a decade to improve child and adult health.

The unique long-term study is one of the most comprehensive studies of pregnant women and their families in Australia, recruiting families who are receiving pregnancy care or planning to deliver their baby at Joondalup Health Campus, as well as families from the Joondalup and Wanneroo communities.

Perth Pregnancy Centre in Clarkson is also a recruitment point for ORIGINS.

ORIGINS is following the progress of pregnant women, their partners and babies for the first five years of the baby’s life, and beyond, with an increasing understanding that an individual’s lifetime health and disease may be programmed at a very early stage – while a child is still in the womb.

The project is collecting detailed information on how a child’s early environment and parents’ physical health and genetics influence the risk of a wide range of diseases and conditions such as asthma, eczema, food allergies, hay fever, diabetes, obesity and neuro-developmental challenges. It will also look at how language development can affect outcomes such as academic achievement, social ability and relationships.

Our researchers are not only investigating the prevention of disease but also looking to discover how every child and family can reach their full potential.

The total ORIGINS population will consist of more than 20,000 individuals within family units - including mothers, partners, children and siblings.

Benefits to participating families

As well as contributing to global research and the health of future generations, participant families receive free allergy testing and paediatric health and development checks at one, three and five years of age, with results and feedback provided to their GP. This unique provision of real-time feedback on a child’s development enables earlier intervention and referral to sub-specialist services.

The ORIGINS Project also provides opportunities to be involved in exciting new sub-projects that allow further benefits to be gained by families already involved in ORIGINS. These sub-projects have been launched off the main ORIGINS project and look at multiple, more focused aspects of child and family health and development.

Working together

The ORIGINS Project is a collaboration between the Telethon Kids Institute and Joondalup Health Campus which is part of Ramsay Health Care. The project is funded by the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Commonwealth Government of Australia through the Channel 7 Telethon Trust.

ORIGINS welcomes new collaborations as well. Whether they be through the development of new clinical trials, early interventions, mechanistic studies or targeted research sub-projects to improve maternal and paternal health and the early environment of the child. Collaboration and engagement are fundamental elements of The ORIGINS Project at every level. As such, ORIGINS seeks to engage researchers, clinicians, service providers, government and the wider community.

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