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Get in touch with The ORIGINS Project team

Find us at one of our two locations:

Telethon Kids Joondalup
Shop 51, Joondalup Gate
57 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater WA 6027

(08) 6375 6300

Telethon Kids Institute Joondalup site map - families

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Suite 213, Level 2, Medical Centre West
Joondalup Health Campus
60 Shenton Avenue, Joondalup WA 6027

(08) 9408 3118

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The ORIGINS office at Joondalup Health Campus is no longer accepting sample drop-offs.

Where possible, after the 6-month timepoint, we encourage you to collect your samples on the day of your appointment (with the exception of stool, which can be frozen) and bring them with you.

We are also offering home collections at some sample time points via a scheduled courier service that will run on set days. We will need to book your collection into the service around one week in advance. If you are due to collect samples, please call the ORIGINS team before planning your collection.

Please call the team on 9408 3118 to book your sample collection.

Alternatively, samples can be dropped off at select Western Diagnostic Pathology centres listed on your sample instruction sheets and some can br brought to your appointment with you if you have one upcoming. Please note that some collection centres are currently closed so please check the WDP website before visiting a collection centre.


The ORIGINS Project provides additional opportunities to be involved in exciting new sub-projects that may benefit you and your child. Learn more about the current sub-project opportunities.